Believe Tour 2013 – concert schedule

Justin Bieber performing at the Conseco Fieldh...

Justin Bieber performing at the Conseco Fieldhouse. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The year 2013 is going to be a very busy one for the hottest Canadian pop sensation Justin Bieber. The ‘Believe’ star is going to have one hectic schedule throughout the year performing at numerous venues in almost fifty Western cities.

By January, Justin Bieber will be all set for a grand US tour. He will visit 13 states from January 5 to 26, starting off at the EnergySolutions Arena at Salt Lake City. On January 7, he’ll be at the Pepsi Center in Denver and then at the BOK Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 9. The very next day, he’ll be performing at the Verizon Arena in North Little Rock, Arizona. Bieber’s US concert tour continues at the AT&T Center in San Antonio on January 12, New Orleans Arena on January 15, and then at the BJCC Arena in Birmingham Alabama on January 16.

The fun will continue in Nashville at the Bridgestone Arena on January 18. The following day, Justin Bieber will grace the Greensboro Coliseum in North Carolina. Then he’ll perform at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte on January 23, Philips Arena in Atlanta in January 23, and the Amway Center in Orlando on January 25. The last leg of the US tour will be in Miami Florida at the American Airlines Arena.

But that’s just the US tour. Justin Bieber is also scheduled to take Europe by storm. His first stop would be the United Kingdom and he will visit its six key cities. Justin will perform in at the Arena Manchester on February 19, Motorpoint in Sheffied on February 23, Echo in Liverpool on February 24, NIA in Birmingham on February 27, The Arena in Nottingham on March 2, and lastly, The 02 in London on March 4.

From the UK, Bieber will fly to Portugal and perform at the Atlantico for a one day concert on March 11. Then he’ll be on his way to a two-day performance in Spain. That would be in Bilbao on March 14 and Barcelona on March 16. Then the series of concerts in France will be held, particularly at the Bercy in Paris on March 19, the Halle Tony Garnier in Lyon on March 25, and the Zenith in Strasbourg on April 8. Justin will visit different countries in between his performances in France. He’ll be in Chile, particularly at the Hallenstadion in Zurich on March 22 and the Unipol Arena in Bologna Italy on March 23. Justin Bieber is also slated to visit Denmark, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, and Switzerland.

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Justin Bieber Concerts in 2013

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul Internati...

English: Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Probably there’s no one in the modern world who hasn’t heard the thrilling name of Justin Bieber. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how such a little boy in his teens managed to secure such achievements within a few years. His hot-selling albums like ‘My World’, ‘Never Say Never’ and ‘Believe’ literally drove the field of music crazy. Today he is the third most powerful celebrity in the world, according to the Forbes Magazine. Now that Justin Bieber is travelling all around the world to please the ears of his enthusiastic fans, it’s time to check his schedule to ascertain whether you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of this smart kid in your closet.

US citizens are fortunate, as Justin Bieber will be staying in the US until the end of January next year. He would be hanging around in the US and Canada during the next few months, and his final show in 2012 is bound to be held at Rogers Centre in Toronto. Justin will hold his first show soon after the dawn of the New Year, on January 5th, at Salt Lake City. He will move to Denver and Tulsa on the 7th and 9th respectively. North Little Rock and San Antonio will be his next stops on the 10th and 12th. Justin will spend the next few days at New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville and Greensboro. From the 22nd to the 27th, he will conduct shows in Charlotte, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami, before flying to England.

Justin seems to be taking a long break spanning over the first three weeks of February once he gets to England. Don’t panic; he’ll be back on stage at Manchester Arena on the 21st and 22nd. On the 23rd he will travel to Cardiff, and sing for the pleasure of his Liverpool fans on the following day. Justin hopes to spend the last two days in the month of February at the National Indoor Arena in Birmingham.

Well, his widespread fame doesn’t seem to give Justin Bieber a single moment of peace. On the 2nd of March he will meet his fans at the Capital FM Arena in Nottingham. The 4th, 5th and 7th of March would be spent at The O2 Arena in London. Next, Justin seems to say goodbye to England and say hello to Spain and Portugal, to the delight of his fans at Lisbon, Bilbao and Barcelona. On the 19th he will appear in Paris, and move to Zurich and Bologna on the 22nd and 23rd. After Lyon in France, his next stop would be Germany.
Justin seems to stay in Germany till April 6, visiting many places including Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Dortmund and Koln. He will be back in France, Strasbourg to be precise, on April 8. His appearance at Antwerp, Belgium on the 10th will be followed by a show at Arnhem, The Netherlands, on the 13th. Justin will spend the latter part of April in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland, filling the towns of Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki with fun and joy.

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Justin Bieber Concert Schedule 2012

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The Justin Bieber Concert Schedule 2012
Justin Bieber concert schedule 2012 is one of the many schedules that most of us who love his music are looking forwards to. Otherwise, for those who would like to know a little bit on Justin Bieber, well … he is a Canadian pop-RnB musician and his career began on YouTube where Scooter Braun decided to take a chance on him. So far, some of his top releases include one time, Baby, Eenie Meenie, and Somebody to love. He had a wild round in 2011 through his tour concerts in various states in US, had some HOT concerts in Venezuela, Equador, Columbia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Phillipines, Australia, and some one time stops in various countries in Europe and UK.

He is surely taking the world and nothing seems to stop him. The only thing we cannot help asking ourselves is, what surprises are there in Justin Bieber concert schedule 2012? He started off with a hot concert in Dick Clark’s Rocking the New Years Eve with none other than Lady Gaga. Therefore, the questions should follow in this line:

  • Will he do more collabos with Lady Gaga?
  • If he is going to do collabos who will it be with?
  • Do you think he will be visiting countries he did not visit last year?
  • Or better still, should Mexicans be expecting his visit this year again or Norwegians should be up for a pleasant surprise?

In other words, the dates of his tours visits are yet to be released although there are promises that Justin Bieber concert schedule 2012 will be released on 29th January 2012. Therefore, the least we can do is be on the lookout he could just be planning to visit your hometown and you wouldn’t like to miss that concert for all the reasons in the world. Well, it’s okay to scream but oxygen is important for your lungs yet we hope he will take our breath away this year with another crazy single.

By the way, now that we are speaking of surprises what surprises does he have for his pop and RnB counterparts? Do you think he will manage the attention of their fans this year? There is so much to look forward to coming to think about it and there is little to regret when it comes to spending whatever there is to see a Justin Bieber live performance. There are enough reasons why Justin Bieber concert schedule 2012 is to die for and more so, to run for if you get the chance to see it first.

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To be successful with women, you should have your mind in a learning mode.

Even if you totally bomb out with a particular woman, it is not a failure. Rather, it was a grand experiment that didn’t end the way you wanted it to. But it is still a LEARNING EXPERIENCE. Take what you learned about the experience and use it to YOUR advantage for next time. No harm, no foul- a big experiment, that’s all.

You have to be OPEN to feedback from your experiments. Both the successes and “failures” — and there are no failures– will teach you what works and what doesn’t work.


I have a buddy who used to have mojo and chicks falling all over him. Well, the years passed on, he lost the mojo, and life left him behind. His great retirement plan now is to… win the lottery!

Yup, it IS as absurd as it sounds… but put your opinions of mastering the art of scoring the hot chick under that same template. Will YOU live life WAITING for some miracle to happen?

Or will you CHASE that dream up and down until it HAPPENS for you?

MOST guys are going to sit around and wait for the “mojo fairy” to knock on their door and anoint them with some funky chick-magnet Austin Powers powers.

You, though, are NOT most guys… you have tools and techniques that when practiced with dedication and an experimental playfulness, WILL get you the honey next door and the playmate in your playground.

I have another friend who wants to race dirt bikes. For the last six years, he’s been telling me he will race when he feels he’s good enough to race- in spite of the fact that he practices with a top five racer.

What in the hell is he waiting for… an invitation?!!! But my friend is not alone- there are thousands of people who WANT good things, PRETTY things in their lives, want things for themselves, and yet make no forward moves to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Wanting to become a racer won’t make you a racer, RACING will. NO ONE wins their first race out… but WINNERS all have to start somewhere.

Justin Bieber Concerts in 2011 and 2012

NYC signing September 1,2009 Nintendo Store - NYC

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Justin Drew Bieber, the new pop sensation in the U S and other western countries is now becoming famous worldwide and having his concerts all across the world. Born in 1st March, 1994 in Canada, the 17 year old boy announced as the second best paid celebrity in the world having an annual income of $53 US per annum. Being a singer, song writer, musician and actor all in one, Justin Bieber is the youngest star to perform a world tour. He is no doubt the rising star in the world of pop and contemporary rhythm and blues (simply known as R&B). He can play guitars, piano, percussions and trumpet too.

This world famous singer is performing many shows over the world in the running year and will going to perform many upcoming days and years too. The famous shows of Bieber in 2011 are in Texas in the March 7th. Bieber is performing a world tour this year too and he has performed in Singapore Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta and in Indonesia in the first of the month April. The he performed shows in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide of Australia in the end of April and in the first week of May and after that he again flew back to Asia to perform in Manila in the first half of May. And then he performed in Osaka, Tokyo in the mid of May. Bieber will go to perform many shows in the end of this year in the South American countries like – Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Chile and others.

Justin Bieber’s show listings and concert dates for 2011 are out. But his show dates for the year 2012 is not out yet except the one in the very early in the next New Year at January 4th in Rosemont Theatre, Illinois of America. The Bieber followers are really creating hypes and craze regarding his upcoming show and all the tickets are sold out. Bieber is facing problems with his fans during some shows too. But we are hoping another rocking year with another World Tour from Bieber with more and best rock music in the groove.

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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

Hollywood Sign

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The relationship of the American singing sensation and Salena Gomez always stayed under a great lime light and the cosy news of them is always making the headlines. The big rumours about this relationship finally got its approval from both the persons when Justin kissed Salena at the OSCARS. After that several sightings of the couple was caught up in the lens of paparazzi. Even being two year older than Justin it did not took time to visualise both the sensation of Hollywood to be in a strong relation. Few weeks back a London tabloid did came up with rumours of couple undergoing a break up just as the Angelina Brad break up issue but Justin threw away the rumours by saying it to be all rubbish.

The recent closeness of Justin with Kingston really made Salena unhappy as the later had illegal possession of arms charges against him . Kingston’s presence with Justin doomed the star feature of Justin but indeed the news of break up due to these are claimed to be all non-sense. The news about this couple did come as a jolt to Justin’s family and they was shocked after listening to the news of relationship between the two initially but even within few days it all turned to be completely doomed completely by the family of Justin Known for pen to all news about this couple, Justin himself said to The Seventeen that he wants his fans to know all that is happening in his life.

Justin also has a great support for his co-star Salena and do patronize her work. Salena also confessed that she is all okay with the large female fan following of Justin and she thinks that it is beautiful to have such a great support from fans .Although rumours about star couples are unstoppable but teenage couple sensation like this was hardly experienced in past. Verbal discomfort dialogues were also registered like Salena calling Justin just a kid etc. even though the saying was true but the story turned out to all negative for which Salena again came to neutralise the matter in the public.

The Miami holiday of the couple became the most pictured picture taken by media in which both of them were in swim suits. The warm relationship maintained among them is highly applauded by varied classes as at this age long lasting this type of relationship is hardly seen and to expect from Hollywood fraternity where breakups are of day and night issue. At most of the awards Justin and Salena have been found to openly publicise their relationship.

The best and cutest Hollywood couple voted by several magazines this couple really made headlines and became most viewed article on net after the OSCAR incident. The recent news of Salena getting pregnant was indeed the eye catcher but no proof or approval was available regarding this.Thus,when it comes to teenage sensation in Hollywood singing star Justin’s relationship with Salena Gomez is and will be the one of the best story of the page 3 gossip.

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Candice Swanepoel

This gorgeous babe is found by the famous scout ‘Kevin Ellis’ When she was just 15 years old or I may say too young to be in the glamour world. Then she joined the popular agency of upcoming models ‘The ice model management’, Then she turned into a complete model where is was earning more than $6000 every day. This huge payout has never reduced and she became the cover girl of vogue magazine.

Her hometown is South Africa. She strolled into some of the famous fashion shows which include Paris fashion week. She is the only Victoria secret well known girl of all the time. After presenting herself in victoria’s she became number one demand for every fashion show. Even branded companies like Diesel, Topshop, Tommy Hilfiger has signed her before as a brand model.

  • Hair Color: Dark Brown (Blonde)
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Eye: Blue colored
  • YOB: 1988
  • Height: 175cm
  • Candice Swanepoel Measurements: 34-24-35 (As of 2014)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Modelling agencies, nations: Milan, Barcelona, Copenhagen, London, Cape town, Paris, Amsterdam, New York.
  • Famous Magazine covers: Diesel, Nike, Victoria secrets

One of the most popular & sultry models on the planet, Candice Swanepoel makes inquisitive to numerous individuals about what the measurements of her. She is so enchanting and having an exceptionally pleasant form, no big surprise, she turned into a piece of the Victoria Secret brand. In light of numerous sources, Candice Swanepoel measurement is 34C-24-35.

Her quote on charity:  For a long time as a young kid, I was simply attempting to make it for me, acquire cash and have an extraordinary future. Anyhow, now I’ve earned cash and I got to a point where I believed, ‘Do I truly need to do this charity, is it truly going to transform me or assist me?’ So that is the reason I was searching for something that would truly sustain me in an alternate manner. I feel like a considerable measure of big names feel an obligation to do that; they have a feeling that they need to! Although I didn’t, it simply, naturally, got something that I required in my life,” she said.

She has hidden and secret charity for a very long time and now she has somehow accepted a little bit. She is definitely a beauty with brain but also with a humble heart. What else we can think of a humble personality. So is so adorable!

Cara Delevingne Michelle Rodriguez

It’s difficult to disregard Cara & Miley’s hot buzz session posted on Instagram a couple of months prior. To be honest, the pictures of Miley kissing Cara are blazed into our minds, and obviously we are not the main people who cannot move beyond the hot pics. Cara’s reputed lady friend, Michelle Rodriguez (avatar girl), cannot overcome Miley & Cara’s hot pictures either.

Michelle Rodriguez has a history of assault & liquor issues, which she combats from her early days in Hollywood. After numerous allegations, the court-requested 180 days in prison, and liquor related to direct with guidance, Michelle seemed to struggle with herself together and was on the way to balance and reputed society. And after that she started snaring with Delevingne and everything went from top to bottom again for the vexed performing artist. They both have been captured together various times in hardcore parties. There was a moment when Rodriguez must be actually done by safety to both of them after that night.

Along these lines, what is wrong with Rodriguez? Why do parties together unexpectedly? Humorously, Michelle’s plastered ‘trance’ all started after Cara and Miley’s make out on Instagram. The mainstream hypothesis is that Michelle’s drinking without her distresses and is still greatly harmed about her relationship with Miley; I think they are making a joke of their relationship status.

The harried celebrity is being ‘mad’ in affection and outskirtly fixated on Cara. Gossip has it she is assured that Cara is ok with Miley. Michelle might simply be a suspicious, unstable chaos. At the same time, she has the motivation to be so. How might you feel if your partner posted photographs of her duping with you on Instagram publicly to the world and afterward asserted it was just for the sake of entertainment? Miley hasn’t precisely shrouded the way that she is into young babes, and Cara is stunning.

Don’t you feel that Rodriguez is simply being neurotic & weird, or there could be a reality to the gossipy tidbits that Cara is unfaithful in their relationship? Now they both are getting married and I hope it is not a gossip trend, but how they will manage after getting married? Do you think Rodriguez will never feel secure about her relationship? Or do you think Cara will leave Miley for Rodriguez? Anyways, Whatsoever they do, I hope it won’t affect the society; these girls are the role model for many fans.

Cara Delevingne and Michelle Rodriguez

Will someone get on the conversation with Cara Delevingne & Michelle Rodriguez and ask them for what good reason they’re disturbing us? I do not realize what we heard of, yet they keep showing off their growing relationship. It is commonplace for both of them to do something insane and imprudent. Anyway, they appear to be Damn genuine!!

First and foremost, they were simply creating buzz at a basketball match like a little spoiled kids, then unexpectedly Rodriguez was giving a declaration completely trip her by saying those two were as one family. Which is especially skeptical from her end, who simply confess just after six months of denial. Anyway, when we thought we comprehended what is going on, and that they both were advancing for relationship, Michelle’s manager gave a statement to the media; They are not dating each other whatsoever. But she is so innocent because she never said that on her own LOL!

Furthermore, now, as though that wasn’t a sufficient crazy ride, now I’m hearing that there are actually genuine wedding plans in the air. Two months prior was the first occasion when we were treated to see these two together, and Michelle’s manager declined everything in back days, however a paparazzi says They both are arranging a secret marriage.

The celebrity has had an agitated past, and numerous fizzled connections. Anyhow, as stated by the companion, Cara’s age might really be the reason for this relationship keeps up. In view of her struggling past, a lot of them have basically must be her nanny or a mom to her. However, Cara is not assuming that part now.

Also, obviously this is not about just a marriage buzz. Supposedly they had a ring ceremony function in the Thailand recently, keeping in mind it wasn’t legitimately tying, Okay women, it appears as though you’re really determined in this way, and that is great. That is extraordinary. Only acknowledge that it could be a great thought to quit denying about your relationship that you’re dating eventually before you’re legitimately and fiscally bound. Simply an idea.

I hope this time it won’t be a rigged scenario like what we seen in Kim Kardashian’s Wedding. So all we can do is to bless them both with a bottom of our heart that their bond will never break and they live a happy married life. Let’s wait for the official announcement for both of them and see how this wedding works in Niagra Falls.

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Cara Delevingne boyfriend

Cara Delevingne could be over-dating people and using a sweetheart. In the wake of kissing ‘Michelle Rodriguez’ at a b-ball match, then again they are seen most recently. As we all know she was with rihanna at the new year’s eve but just after that she flew to the city of fashion; Paris. Do you know to whom? Michelle Rodriguez! Shocking? Ops movement! Do you think she is a lesbian? I don’t know, but constantly dated females are a sign of this genre or maybe I am going hypothetically. She lately posted picture by Miley Cyrus and they both were matching each others tongue EWWW! That is gross.

First rihanna then Miley Cyrus and then Michelle Rodriguez, and we are talking about her boyfriend.. Really? Anyways, Rodriguez accepted that she loves both men and women, good for her. Cara Delevinge has never accepted anything about her fantasies and she prefers it to be private; well sweetheart, nothing is private for celebrities and I have total sympathy for you. Cara dated English singer Jake Bugg and then she dated Aki Omoshaybi. The latest one was Harry Styles but she never accepted and it is just that she was paired with him. The best part is she shares all information with social media, but this is not her fault because these days every teenager tend to connect with social media.

Teenagers share a variety of details about themselves on public domains; surely the destinations URL’s themselves are intended to empower the sharing of data and the extension of systems. Nonetheless, few people are completely open methodology to social networking. Rather, they make an exhibit of moves to confine and trim their pics and profiles, and their examples of notoriety on public domains differ extraordinarily as stated by their sexual orientation and relationships.

Youngsters are progressively offering their pics and videos on public domains; Facebook and Instagram, a pattern that is likely determined by the development of the stages teenagers use and in addition changing standards around discussing things with friends or fans. Still, they believe electronic media is sneaking in their personal life. Cara Delevingne is a social media addict who constantly posting her images with her boyfriends. This is not a way to stop electronic media, especially when you share almost everything with your fans. Don’t you think these are the tactics to grab media attention? We will think about that later, but the thing which is so important about her; Is her talent! And we all are her diehard fans.